Shows Brick and Mortar Retailing Failure

Leave it to the retailing industry to try to put lipstick on a pig whilst sales aren’t assembly investor expectations. The cutting-edge colour of lipstick sounds so fascinating certainly. Have you heard the bogus claims that the BOPIS Trend is accelerating? What is BOPIS you ask? BOPIS = Buy Online Pick-up in Store. We are instructed that this ever-developing trend goes to keep brick and mortar retailing. “Really – oh please do inform!”

You see, the handiest motive more customers are doing this ‘buying online and choosing up in-save’ is because they haven’t any preference. When you go shopping at a store anticipating to locate what you are searching out, it isn’t always there. Why? Because retailing chains are unprofitable and can not have enough money to stock merchandise in their stores. We all understand why, and we are able to say it out loud in unison in case you’d like; Amazon.

An article in BizTech Online (12/2018) states; “Allowing clients to shop for on-line and pick out up in-save, also referred to as ‘click and accumulate’ is here to stay.” Another piece in Dallas Market Center News published on January 9, 2019 titled; “2019 Retail Trend: Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS)” states that “BOPIS is one of the fastest developing trends in retail and a strategic tool for physical outlets seeking to compete with pure play online sellers.”

Now then, the primary article makes it sound like retailers are doing the customer a prefer by way of ‘permitting’ customers to shop for on-line after which with ease delivery it to the shop for choose-up. Well, this is not a strategy, greater like a tragedy. The complete motive you’ll visit a brick and mortar in the first region is to check out what you’re buying, appearance it over, make a decision after which make your buy and stroll out of the store with the products right then and there.

Face it, stores are not doing this due to the fact they want to serve the purchaser higher, no, they are doing it because they’re failing and can not compete with on line dealers – with out the luxurious retail space rent costs – selling the equal product for much less money. I would not name this a trend as a great deal as I’d call it proof that fundamental stores are on their ultimate leg. For lots of them failure and financial ruin is eminent.

Sure, outlets might tout their so-called BOPIS approach in their quarterly profits reviews as though this fashion is favored by means of customers, and satisfactory to clients. Truth be instructed; it’s now not. The antique Sears Catalog method became truly comparable. You should buy many of the extra popular gadgets of their larger department stores and order anything else via their catalog and select it up of their shops. Tell me my exact friend and retailing expert; how is Sears doing today?

Consumers aren’t making BOPIS purchases due to the fact they opt to, no, they’re doing it because regularly they experience they don’t have any preference. Retailers that pretend to focus on numerous classes which includes commercial enterprise products, domestic d├ęcor, pet supplies, shoes, and so forth. But don’t have the real merchandise of their shops are ripe to come to be the next retail chain financial ruin failure.

It isn’t always convenient to visit a retailer and count on to find something, handiest to find the massive field store with lots of more space and a scantily clad stock choice. Then being told; “sorry, but, you can order it in our on-line save,” and pick out-it-up here tomorrow. That way you probably need to cross domestic, get online, order it, then come again again. We are informed this is ‘convenient’ and a new retailing fashion and method? WTH are retailing executives smoking? They need to have never legalized that.

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